Alison Hammond Weight Loss: How She Lost Over 8 Pounds in 2022

Alison Hammond Weight Loss
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Alison Hammond Weight Loss : Alison Hammond has lost weight in the past, but she always seemed to gain it back. Now, as part of her goal to lose weight and stick with it this time, she’s following the exact same 22-day diet program she used when she was featured on The Biggest Loser.

As this article explains, the first few days were rough, but by the end of the fourth week (when Alison appeared on The Tonight Show), she’d lost eight pounds and several inches off her waistline! Read on to learn how Alison did it—and how you can do it too!

Alison Hammond Weight Loss guide:

The diet she followed:

Alison’s diet was different. Because she was an athlete, her nutritionist advised that she had to focus on protein and carbohydrates, not fat or sugar. That’s right: no sugar, no butter and certainly no extra-virgin olive oil.

Instead of counting calories or grams of fat, Alison focused on eating a balanced diet made up of whole grains (5 slices of bread for lunch, 4 for dinner), fruits and vegetables (at least 2 large portions per day) , lean protein (7 egg whites per day; at least 1 portion of fish every other day)

Alison Hammond Weight Loss and The exercise she did:

Alison says, The number one thing that helped me to lose weight was doing exercise classes. I made it part of my routine and I went out three times a week for lunch time classes. Alison followed a diet of lean protein, lots of veggies and nuts and fruit, which is low in sugar.

But she also says that drinking water is crucial too – even if you’re not watching your weight you should be having at least two litres a day.

A timeline of her fitness journey so far:

Alison’s fitness journey began in 2010 when she learned her husband had cancer. In order to cope with her stress, Alison turned to running. My husband is my best friend, and I didn’t know what to do without him. Alison tells British magazine Closer.

I was upset and turning to food for comfort so I decided I needed something else that would get me out of my house and into a routine. At first, Alison lost 10 pounds before she even realized it, but once she got started, she never stopped.

I’ve always been active but just getting up an hour earlier or going on a walk after dinner really helped kick-start my weight loss, she says.

The cheat day:

While a lot of people (myself included) like to exercise regularly, it can also be easy to get burned out. If you start falling into a trap of just doing cardio every day and nothing else, it’s time for a reset. Instead of throwing yourself into your next routine, think about taking a break—and try adding one cheat day each week.

This way, you can still hit your goals but avoid burning out. Yes, cheating once per week might slow down weight loss some, but if it keeps you from quitting entirely and keeps you focused on building healthier habits over time then that’s worth it.

Favorite fruits, veg and dishes:

I love peaches and cream smoothies (peach, orange juice, banana and ice cream) with a side of oatmeal. I also made spaghetti squash with ground turkey, which is super healthy.

Try it! The more fruits and veggies you can include in your diet, the better you’ll feel about yourself—and what if we told you that eating fruits and veggies could actually help you lose weight?

It’s true! Adding these types of foods to your daily routine is an easy way to eat more whole foods and control your calories.

Helpful tips for her followers:

Alison Hammond Weight Loss Tips and Motivation – Alison’s goal is to lose 40 pounds, then add a gradual exercise plan so she can maintain her weight loss. Alison likes to share tips and motivation along with progress photos.

Alison found that she could eat healthy and cook a meal for her family all on a budget of $20 per day. Now that’s what we call weight loss on a budget!

alison hammond net worth:

For nearly three decades, TV host Alison Hammond has been on television as a personality. To date, she has co-hosted four shows—E! News Daily (1998–2002), The Heaven and Earth Show (2003–2004), Britain’s Next Top Model (2007–2010) and Star Grazers (2012–2014). In 2005, she was named FHM’s Sexiest Woman on Television.

But what’s even more impressive is that she lost nearly 100 pounds! For her efforts, Alison Hammond net worth is around $5 million dollars.

Keep reading to find out how it happened! In 2016, Alison started hosting BBC Breakfast alongside Dan Walker and Louise Minchin. This year, Alison Hammond weight loss will make sure you are watching BBC Breakfast every morning at 6am! As well as hosting BBC Breakfast every weekday morning from April 2017 onwards,

Alison is also covering for Carol Kirkwood when she takes time off work. When Carol returns from maternity leave in October 2017, Alison will be back with Dan Walker on Saturday Morning with a new look for weekend mornings!

Losing over eight pounds might not seem like much to some people but losing any amount of weight can change your life forever.


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