Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss: How She’s Getting Back on Track in 2022

Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss
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Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss: Weight loss motivation can be hard to come by, especially when you’re trying to lose dozens of pounds. But Kelly Osbourne has proven that it’s possible to bounce back from dramatic weight loss with a new body and the mindset to keep it in check for good.

Here are the steps that Kelly Osbourne followed during her weight loss journey, along with her advice on how you can follow in her footsteps.

Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss Journey and guides:

A look back at her past diet failures:

The way we eat changes a lot throughout our lives. In her 20s, Kelly went through a vegan phase, and a decade later she cut out carbs entirely. But, both times she failed to keep the weight off for long.

Looking back at these short-lived successes has helped Kelly adjust her goals to something more sustainable and realistic. I don’t want to look like somebody else, she says. I just want to be healthy and happy. By taking into account past failures when it comes time to set new goals, you’re more likely to stay committed over time—and actually hit your targets.

Meet Kelly’s new personal chef:

Kelly doesn’t expect you to hire a chef to help you lose weight, but it certainly helped her get back on track. If cooking isn’t your thing, look for ready-made meals at the grocery store or even online at sites like FreshDirect or Green Chef.

Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss

The key is finding delicious and healthy options that fit into your budget and lifestyle so that you can stick with them. Finding a healthy eating plan that works for you will take some trial and error—and of course, always consult with your doctor first before starting any new diet plan—but if Kelly can do it, so can you!

What goes into a day of eating and workouts?

It might seem like Hollywood is made up of naturally-thin and impossibly fit people, but that’s far from true. Stars spend hours exercising and dieting to get ready for red carpet events, awards shows, and personal appearances.

But don’t feel bad if you can’t pull off a Beyoncé body; celebrities have trainers, personal chefs, fitness coaches—the list goes on! While they may have an unfair advantage over regular folks trying to lose weight and get fit, there are some ways you can emulate their habits. Here’s a glimpse into what stars do to stay slim.

There’s a lot that comes with losing so much weight:

high-end designer clothes that now hang off your body and a whole new, more confident you. In Kelly Osbourne’s case, there’s also a lot of pressure to stay thin. When she started going through her weight loss journey, her goal was only to lose a little bit of weight so she could walk down the aisle in a wedding dress.

So when her wedding came and went, she started finding it difficult to keep up with everything else going on in her life and keeping track of what she was eating (she said once that she would simply look at pictures of food). That’s when things started getting out of control.

How do you stay positive when you put it all out there?

The key to staying positive while losing weight is taking pride in every step you take. Every healthy choice you make, no matter how small, should be noted and rewarded.

Each time you exercise and lose a pound, celebrate your accomplishment with something special that makes you feel good—take a long bubble bath; go shopping; spend time with family or friends. Even though losing weight can be challenging when it seems like there’s so much to do, try focusing on what you have accomplished rather than feeling overwhelmed by what still needs to be done.

You will accomplish even more if your motivation comes from celebrating your successes along the way instead of focusing on what hasn’t happened yet or being obsessed with getting back to where you used to be.

Excerpt from her book about family pressure to lose weight:

Kelly O’s transformation into a thin and healthy lady is still going strong but it hasn’t been an easy ride. I just wish that my family would stop telling me that I need to lose weight for them, or for their sake or for anybody else, she says in her book.

It takes a lot of guts to face your critics and critics have been plentiful. Kelly has received quite a bit of flack from her co-workers at E! including Giuliana Rancic who recently compared her size 8 body to being similar to Christina Aguilera who used to be a heavy weight.

What are the challenges she faces today?

It is well known that Kelly used to be seriously overweight, but she was able to lose over 40 pounds after undergoing surgery for a thyroid condition and getting rid of all her unhealthy eating habits. The problem is that now she has gained most of it back.

But there are lessons we can learn from Kelly as we look ahead to what goals might motivate her to get back on track when it comes to losing weight. What motivates people like Kelly who have everything they could ever want but still feel unsatisfied?

This year, let’s look forward to an inspirational message from someone like Kelly who needs a little extra help with staying focused on their goals.



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