life after hiatal hernia surgery | Full guide to recovery in 2023

life after hiatal hernia surgery
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life after hiatal hernia surgery: After this procedure, plan on spending one to two days in the hospital. You will receive a swallowing study the morning following your treatment to ensure that everything is in its appropriate place. Following that, you’ll begin a liquid diet.

Diet life after hiatal hernia surgery

Following this operation, dietary restrictions are necessary. After surgery, you need to use  a diet liquid for about 3 weeks. You can explore or try to consume soft, mushy things like tuna, mashed potatoes, eggs, cottage cheese, and thick soups during that period. Liquids are advised since your esophagus may enlarge in the area where your hernia was corrected.

Additionally, you could experience some “tightness” when swallowing; this will get better as the swelling subsides. You will eventually be able to normally digest meals. AROUND THREE WEEKS, AVOID DRINKING CARBONATED BEVERAGES.

After surgery, some people report having a reduced appetite or having food that doesn’t taste well. Your appetite should recover in a few weeks as a result of the stress of surgery and internal manipulation.

It is acceptable to skip meals as long as you continue to drink fluids. Please let us know if you have chronic nausea or have trouble swallowing liquids by getting in touch with our office.

Wound care life after hiatal hernia surgery

Showering is permitted beginning about 36 hours following surgery. Before taking a shower, remove any little areas of white gauze or bandages that may be present on the incisions.

You could notice tiny strips of tape (known as steri-strips) adhered straight to your skin.

These little tapes can get wet in the shower without harm. Seven to ten days following surgery, the tapes will start to peel up on the ends; at this point, they have served their purpose and you are free to remove them completely if you like. When you arrive for your postoperative appointment, you are not required to have them on.

No swimming, hot tubs, or pools for two weeks.

To leave as little of a scar as possible, we work to close your incisions. Applying creams or other medications won’t help your incisions “heal better”; avoid doing so.

Activity in life after hiatal hernia surgery

After surgery, there aren’t any notable restrictions on exercise. So long as it doesn’t hurt, it’s acceptable to walk, climb stairs, engage in sexual activity, mow the grass, or engage in other physical activity. In fact, speeding up your return to normal exercise will probably help your recuperation.

Don’t do it, though, if it doesn’t feel good. Take it easy and follow the pain’s cues. To speed up the healing of your incisions, avoid doing any heavy lifting.

For a week or two after the operation, you might also feel easily worn out and “washed out.” These characteristics will limit your ability to do certain things, but even if you endure some stiffness, you won’t harm anyone.

Since everyone has different reasons for wanting to work, they all arrive at the office at various times. As a general rule, most people take at least one to two weeks off before going back to work. Call the office if you require specific documents for your position.


When you have gone two days without using narcotic (prescription) painkillers, you should be able to drive.


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Pelvic Movements in life after hiatal hernia surgery

The first bowel movement can happen anywhere between 1 and 5 days following surgery, and as long as you don’t feel queasy or in pain in your stomach, this range is okay. Because you won’t be able to truly belch, it is fairly typical to pass a lot more gas from your rectum than you used to.

Some individuals experience diarrhea or “loose bowels” in the initial days following their hernia repair; however, in the vast majority of cases, the bowel function returns to normal with time.

The painkillers may also make constipation more common. We advise consuming milk.
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