Over two years after the primary common claim was recorded against Deshaun Watson, disciplinary official Sue L.

Robinson has suspended the Cleveland Browns quarterback for the initial six rounds of the 2022 season.

Robinson, mutually selected by the NFL and NFL Players Association to run working on it and control any discipline,

paid attention to contentions from the association, the association and Watson's lawyer during a three-day hearing held in her home province of Delaware in late June.

The NFL had been pushing for a suspension of essentially a year, while the association and Watson's lawyer contended that

the quarterback ought not be suspended by any stretch of the imagination.

The sides examined a potential settlement as far as possible up through the consultation, yet they couldn't consent to an arrangement.

In the days paving the way to Robinson's choice, the association and Watson's side participated in additional settlement talks

sources told ESPN's Dan Graziano, yet neither side at any point felt they were near an arrangement.

The most Watson's side demonstrated it was ready to offer was a suspension in the scope of six to eight games, as per sources.

The best the association demonstrated it was ready to offer was a 12-game suspension and a critical fine

in the scope of $8 million, sources said. While the NFLPA said it won't pursue the choice, the association actually has the option to pursue.