Multiple fights at Knott’s Berry Farm force park to close early

Numerous battles broke out Saturday evening time at Knott's Berry Farm, driving the recreation area to early close incalculable hours.

Buena Park police expressed severa calls to 911 referenced doable gunfire, but officials at the scene concluded no photos have been shot.

Police mentioned people to avoid the area as they explored the episode.

"The security of Knott's Berry Farm's companions and buddies is persistently our apex need,"

the recreation area expressed in an explanation. On Saturday night, the choice used to be made

to close the recreation area three hours ahead of schedule because of wild lead and squabbles including various youngsters.

This direct did now not line up with our park's qualities, and used to be currently not the ride we favor any guest to have while voyaging Knott's Berry Farm."

Bits of gossip about a taking pictures achieved frightened purchasers to stow away, in understanding to web-based entertainment posts.