weight loss surgery tammy slaton now in 2023

weight loss surgery tammy slaton now
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Weight Loss Surgery Tammy Slaton Now: How Is Tammy Slaton Doing Now?: Tammy Slaton made headlines in 2020 when she decided to undergo weight loss surgery. The reality TV star was open about her struggles with her weight and the decision to take action. Now, three years later in 2023, we are wondering: How is Tammy Slaton doing now? In this blog post, we will take a look at her journey since her surgery and what her life looks like today.

What Happened To Tammy Slaton?

Since appearing on the hit TLC show, “My 600-lb Life,” Tammy Slaton has been an inspiring figure for many viewers. After suffering from morbid obesity since a young age, she decided to take the plunge and have weight loss surgery. But did Tammy lose weight after her surgery?

The answer is yes! After undergoing the gastric bypass procedure in early 2020, Tammy was able to successfully drop over 300 pounds. Although she still has a ways to go, her journey has been an incredible one to witness. Since her procedure, Tammy has made a conscious effort to take care of herself and lead a healthier lifestyle.

This journey wasn’t easy though, as Tammy had to overcome several obstacles along the way. From being bed-ridden to struggling with medical complications and depression, she truly exemplifies the determination and resilience of the human spirit. Now, Tammy is able to enjoy life in ways that she couldn’t before and is sharing her story to motivate and inspire others who are in similar situations.

Weight Loss Surgery Tammy Slaton Now?

Weight Loss Surgery Tammy Slaton Now

Tammy Slaton, star of TLC’s reality show My 600-lb Life, decided to have weight loss surgery after struggling for years with obesity and morbid obesity. Despite having various health complications due to her size, she finally chose to undergo the risky surgery in order to improve her health and quality of life. The decision was a difficult one, as many bariatric surgeries involve a dramatic lifestyle change and can have significant risks.

So did Tammy lose weight? The answer is yes! Tammy has had an amazing transformation since having the procedure and has dropped an incredible amount of weight. She has gone from being almost 800 lbs at her heaviest to currently weighing around 400 lbs, having lost over 350 lbs since having the procedure. This is an impressive feat, especially considering the severity of her case prior to the surgery.

Tammy has documented her journey on the show and shared her story with fans and viewers across the world. She has inspired so many with her courage and determination, and serves as an example of what can be achieved when you put your mind to it.

What Is Tammy Slaton Doing Now?

Tammy Slaton weight loss surgery in early 2020, sparking a massive interest in her journey to health. Many people are wondering: did Tammy lose weight? The answer is a resounding yes!

Tammy’s surgery was a success, and she has already lost an impressive amount of weight. According to the latest reports, she has dropped over 100 pounds since her procedure. She continues to be dedicated to her weight loss journey, eating right, exercising regularly, and attending weekly therapy sessions.

While Tammy is still adjusting to her new body and lifestyle, she is very pleased with the results of her hard work. Not only has she lost an amazing amount of weight, but she also feels better than ever before. She has become an inspiration for many and is now encouraging others to make healthy lifestyle changes in their own lives.

So yes, Tammy did indeed lose weight through her surgery and subsequent lifestyle changes. With her newfound dedication and motivation, she is sure to keep achieving success on her weight loss journey.so read the full article about Weight Loss Surgery Tammy Slaton now.

did tammy lose weight

Weight Loss Surgery Tammy Slaton Now:One of the most popular questions surrounding Tammy Slaton’s weight loss journey is “did Tammy lose weight?” The answer is a resounding yes! Tammy underwent gastric bypass surgery in October 2019 and since then she has managed to shed over 300 pounds.

She is looking and feeling healthier than ever and credits the surgery with giving her the tools to achieve her weight loss goals.

Tammy’s dramatic transformation is truly inspiring. She had been struggling with her weight for years and was desperate for a solution that could give her long-term results. With the help of her doctors and nutritionist, she was able to devise a plan for her life that incorporated diet, exercise, and surgery. Since then, she has worked hard to stay on track with her program and now weighs over 100 pounds less than before the surgery.

Although Tammy has experienced an incredible amount of success in her weight loss journey, she still faces challenges every day. From dealing with emotional eating triggers to overcoming cravings for unhealthy foods, Tammy’s road to health has not been easy. But by staying focused on her goals and making smart decisions, she has been able to come out on top.


Tammy Slaton has made significant progress in her journey of weight loss after undergoing gastric bypass surgery. She has become a social media sensation, inspiring many other people to take their health and wellness seriously. The big question is, did Tammy lose weight?

The answer is a resounding yes! Tammy has lost an incredible amount of weight since her surgery. She has dropped over 200 pounds and is looking healthier than ever. She continues to share her progress on her Instagram account, giving fans a front-row seat to her amazing transformation.

It’s important to note that Tammy’s journey hasn’t been easy, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Tammy has been dedicated to following her nutrition and exercise plan, working hard to reach her goals. She has shown that it is possible to make real changes in your life if you put in the effort.

We can all learn from Tammy’s story and be inspired by her success. She proves that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and never give up.thanks for Weight Loss Surgery Tammy Slaton Now.



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